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Our trusted personal injury lawyers working at LawCare have years of experience in successfully resolving their clients’ personal injury claims. We know how to assess the value of a case and we know how to locate sources of recovery for you. As trusted personal injury lawyers we will gather all the needed evidence to build a strong case for our clients and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance companies, or pursue the case in court. We want to make sure our clients receive fair compensation from the insurance company insuring the person liable for your damages, injuries and suffering.Our mission is to provide quality legal services to our injured clients in a timely manner at moderate rates. Our trusted personal injury lawyers welcome the opportunity to talk to you and help you in any way possible. We will answer all your questions and walk you step by step through the entire process. We are here to protect your legal rights and our key focus is to work on your behalf. Our trusted personal injury lawyers will do everything that is needed to obtain the best possible outcome for you and settle with the insurance company, or, if necessary, go to court.