AGF Property Management

Contact: Michelle Carman
Phone: 801.746.1487
WE ARE A PROFESSIONAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY THAT STRIVES TO TAKE THE UPMOST CARE AND CONCERN FOR YOUR PROPERTY. WE CARE FOR YOUR TENANTS AND YOUR PROPERTY. WE ARE SMALL BUT POWERFUL! We manage property of all kinds…from small office complexes to residential homes and everything in between. The “plus” in our name means we are more than just a management company. We provide the personal touch; owners and tenants are people not numbers. Two most common scenarios we hear from rental home owners: You have a great tenant, pays rent, never calls, you never check on them…then all of sudden you receive a violation in the mail from the city where your rental is…it states that your yard is out of control, dead lawn, too many cars, broken windows, basically an eye sore. Now this “great” tenant is getting you fined and making you spend money to get the property back under control. AGF does monthly drive-by’s and check on the property. Making sure the tenants are following the rules and not causing problems. You have a tenant that pays on time, takes care of the property, but they call you ALL the time for minor things, getting you to fix/replace things that really don’t need to happen, making your life unbearable, you go on vacation and they call, you are eating dinner and they call, you’re sleeping and they call, etc., AGF handles all the calls and they seem to slow down when they have to deal with a property manager. They don’t try to get the owner to do unnecessary repairs, replacements, etc.